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ITAMAR_180The guests are watching, the mother is crying, the father stutters and mixes up the blessings, the Mohel is busy with his work… and the baby? Did anyone ask him if he wants this? Not really. The covenant between God and the Jewish People was made many generations before he was born and its validity will require many generations to come. Such an absolute connection, a connection of blood, is not dependant on consent or reasoning: It's a natural part of life – Just like people are born and people die, they are also circumcised

How strong is the connection between father and son at this time! For he too, wrapped in his tallit and teffillin, emotional and full of joy, was also placed on the Sandak's knees years ago. He also cried, he also wasn't asked, but today he is capable of showing everyone that he consents, that he fully and totally wants the Brit which was placed on his body. There is no better proof than the Brit which he is currently doing for his own son