כניסות: 3583

 In every performance of a Mitzvah we can distinguish between two realms: The revealed and the hidden. The revealed act of the Brit is the removal of the foreskin which covers the male reproductive organ

However, in the hidden realm, we recognize the physical foreskin as symbolizing man's tendency to be absorbed in himself, and thus oblivious to others and insensitive to his surroundings.  From this we understand that circumcision symbolizes our departure from ourselves, in order to give of ourselves to others 

The first and most natural circle of giving, is to our spouse, as the entire life connection with them is built on sensitivity, acknowledgment and caring

The moment a person breaks the barrier of insensitivity and succeeds in giving to their spouse, his gift sprouts new life of a new generation, which descends to this world and opens a wide and significant circle of giving, which expands and continues for many good years 

The Holy Zohar calls the reproduction organ "The End of the Body", meaning the lowest place, in which the strongest inclination lies. In many cultures, this inclination is referred to as a snake, which springs out from unexpected places and kills with its bite, but every culture deals with this inclination differently

Christianity, the "mother" of western thinking, attempts to "subdue it" into the "deepest dungeons" of the soul, hoping that it will not arise from there 

In the Orient, they attempt to silence it through various spiritual and physical means

However, Judaism is not like either of these cultures. From our holy books, we learn that the dwelling place of the strongest inclination is also the only place from which a creation has the power to create, to be a utensil through which we create new life 

Because of this, we will not subdue it nor silence it. Instead we will fix it by removing the foreskin, the outer covering which causes the organ to be closed and sealed in its own personal and physical needs, to see himself as the forefront of everything and to forget the lofty and exalted connection through which he receives his own life and through which he becomes a partner in bringing new life to this world 

Through this deeper outlook we find a new meaning to the verse "Hear O Israel, God is our Lord, God is One", which is said at the time of the Brit. God is One, and in this oneness we find our strengths, inclinations and desires, as well as their essence and real purpose